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About: Dr. Tapia 

    Lee has experience in developing and implementing change solutions to meet the needs the organization.  She has worked with leaders at all levels, both in government agencies and in the private sector.  Lee is highly sought after Lean Six Sigma and Lean for Healthcare instructor.  Lee is experienced in mentoring and coaching Lean Six Sigma practitioners both in person and remotely. 

In addition to being a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Lee is experienced in executive coaching, helping leaders understand the behaviors that may be impeding their growth. 

As an Organizational Development Consultant Lee has helped organizations identify problems that may be interfering with its effectiveness and has aided in the assessment of the underlying causes. 

As an experienced Research Analyst, Lee has conducted both qualitative and quantitative analysis on the patient population to understand demographic requirements and to improve the patient experience.

As a Master Balanced Scorecard Professional Lee has designed strategic interventions to address diagnosed problems.  She also has assessed the planned change efforts by tracking the organization’s progress in implementing the change and by documenting its impact on the organization. 

Lee was the co-development of a successful leadership training program, training over 250 healthcare leaders. 

As a skilled trainer, Lee has designed and developed training materials and curriculum for process improvement training, leadership skills training, Balanced Scorecard training, How to Give and Receive Feedback and presentation skills training.

Area of specified expertize:

• Leadership coaching – Whether the leader is at the top of the organization, or working her way up, understanding the behaviors that are not conducive to achieving the goals is an important aspect of leadership. Leadership is both an art and a science, understanding the skills and knowledge of both is a critical aspect of leadership.

• Organizational Development – Facilitate training and perform internal coaching to improve organizational and individual effectiveness and performance. Design, develop, and deploy leadership and employee development programs to enhance and evolve the mindset, skillsets, and toolsets necessary to improve quality and increase the effectiveness of leadership. 

• Strategic Roadmap – Facilitate balanced scorecard (BSC) workshops that allow organizations to:
o Interconnect objectives to mission and vision
o Align the transactional processes with strategy
o Prioritize projects, and services
o Measure and monitor progress towards strategic targets